Sunday, July 11, 2010

White House admits that GOP may sweep House in November elections

NewscastMedia — White House spokesman Robert Gibbs admitted that they could lose the House of Representative to the Republicans due to voters’ frustration about the economy.

Mr. Gibbs told NBC’s Meet the Press, “There is no doubt there are enough seats at play that could cause Republicans to gain control, there is no doubt about that.”

Should a shift like that occur, it would be difficult for Barack Obama to push through his agenda. Dick Morris takes it a step further. He contends that the GOP will win both the House and the Senate. Writing for the Hill Dick Morris said, “When Republicans are winning issues like education, healthcare and Social Security — normally solidly Democratic issues — a sweep of unimaginable proportions is in the offing.”

If Dick Morris is right, then we will be seeing a repeat of what happened during the Clinton administration in 1994 when the Republicans swept both the House and the Senate to the surprise of the nation. With the Tea Party movement energized, there is no telling what could happen come November.

Two Explosions in Uganda capital Kampala kill at least 30 people — World cup crowds in Uganda’s capital Kampala were caught by surprised when two bombs exploded at two separate sites. One bomb detonated at an Ethiopian restaurant in Kampala, while the other one went off at Kyadondo Rugby Club which is also a restaurant, killing at least 30 people.

Tourists, including Americans, are believed to be among the casualties of the attacks, which happened as people watched the World Cup final. Chief of Police Kale Kaihura said he believed the perpetrators were Somalia’s militia al-Shabab, a group that has pledged its loyalty to the Taliban.

Barack Obama said the explosions were deplorable and cowardly, and he US National Security Council spokesman Mike Hammer said in a statement, “The president is deeply saddened by the loss of life resulting from these deplorable cowardly attacks, and sends his condolences to the people of Uganda and the loved ones who have been killed or injured. The United States is ready to provide any assistance requested by the Ugandan government.”

In Mogadishu, Sheik Yusuf Sheik Issa, and al-Shabab commander, refused to confirm or deny whether his group was responsible for the bombings, but felt no sympathy for the innocent victims.

Friday, July 2, 2010

GOP – Republican Rising Stars Houston news — In less than two years, Obama is likely to face one of these GOP rising stars in a battle for the White House. Ron Paul had a very successful grassroots campaign and raised a lot of money over the Internet, however, I think the media will give him less coverage as they did in 2008, due to his views on the war, the IRS and the Federal Reserve. I have therefore narrowed the field down to the above-listed candidates.

Mitt Romney the former Massachussettes governor has successfully raised money for fellow Republicans through his Free and Strong America PAC. He is an effective fundraiser and also a staunch critic of the Obama administration especially with issues related to the economy.

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin formed her political action committee, SarahPAC, and eventually resigned from her governorship in July 2009. Virtually every candidate she has endorsed has won his or her election. Sarah Palin told Larry King she hasn’t ruled out the possibility of running in 2012.

Paul Ryan, the Wisconsin Congressman, introduced his “Roadmap to America’s Future” in 2008 and released an updated version in January 2012. An incredibly astute economist, Ryan publically challenged Obama’s Obamacare at the 2010 Health Care Summit and is known for the quote, “Hiding spending doesn’t reduce spending.”

Rick Perry, the current governor of Texas is running for an unprecedented third term because in Texas there are no term limits. Perry has never lost an election and earlier in 2010 enlisted his friend Sarah Palin, who campaigned for him before the primaries. Perry defeated Kay Bailey Hutchinson and Debra Medina, and will
be running against former Houston mayor Bill White in November.


Should George P. Bush decide to run in 2020 he will be virtually unstoppable. His Hispanic background on his mother’s side gives him a huge advantage over any other candidate, Democrat or Republican, because the demographics are shifting and the Hispanic community will be a force to be reckoned with politically, in the coming years. In 2007 he signed up for eight years as an officer in the Navy Reserves, and I suspect “P” as he likes to be called, will run for the Texas
governorship in 2016, and later on for president in 2020.

Josh Mandel
is also another GOP hopeful whose star is quietly rising. Mandel won a second term as a State Representative in a heavily Democratic district in Ohio, and has championed lowering taxes for Ohio residents. He served eight years as an Intelligence Specialist in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves, and in 2009 announced his candidacy for Ohio Treasurer of State. Houston news — The Guy Expo is no place for beta males. The theme is “All Thing Alpha,” for all the alpha males out there. The event first debuted in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and also held in Houston at the George R. Brown Convention Center. It caters to the guy’s guy and there’s nothing wimpy or soft spoken about it. It aims to be fun, loud, entertaining and slightly irresponsible. The event has chicken wings, Hooters November-fest beer garden, fiery foods, home improvement gear, pro sports teams and a tricked-out garage. Not to mention contests, prizes and autographed sports memorabilia.

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